Getting Deals Done with Patrick A. Howell

006: RENEGADE - Bruce Craven, Outlaw Leadership

August 13, 2021 Bruce Craven Season 1 Episode 6
Getting Deals Done with Patrick A. Howell
006: RENEGADE - Bruce Craven, Outlaw Leadership
Show Notes

Bruce Craven is a novelist, screenwriter and maverick who lives in the Palm Springs Desert.  His last book, “Win or Die: Leadership Secrets from Game of Thrones”, Bruce Craven brilliantly analyzes the journeys of the best and worst leaders in Westeros, so that leaders can create their own narratives of success.  His newest idea is “outlaw leadership” as an essential component of American leadership and business success.  He analyzes the disparate styles of Willie Nelson, Toni Morrison and Frederick Douglass - their style of going against the grain, having their own unique brand of leadership and being unafraid to carve out and follow their own paths.  But there are others - the Henry Fords, Muhammad Alis, Madame CJ Walkers, Vera Wangs, Oprah Winfreys, Lebron James, Colin Kaepernicks, Robert Smiths, Joe Bidens, Kamala Harris and Mellody Hobsons American figures who have fought against adversity and served as pistons in the engine of American ingenuity. 

“Outlaw leadership is American leadership, I think Americans, if they don’t understand how much that outlaw spirit has influenced us, they’re missing something important on how we’ve developed as a people.”  Bruce Craven 


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