Getting Deals Done with Patrick A. Howell

004: FINANCE - AJ Moyer, Banking SoCal Success with Zen Financiers

June 07, 2021 C3 Bank CEO AJ Moyer Season 1 Episode 4
Getting Deals Done with Patrick A. Howell
004: FINANCE - AJ Moyer, Banking SoCal Success with Zen Financiers
Show Notes

AJ Moyer is the CEO of C3 Bank in sunny San Diego, California.  Mr. Moyer alternates with ease from the mindset of a macroeconomist to that of a regional banking manager intimately familiar to the pulse of a fickle local economy and unpredictable macro-conditions.  Like a surfer who has taken down gnarly waves in Fiji, Costa Rica and Western Samoa, he is clear on his mindset’s focus and by extension C3 bank's footprint in North San Diego and Southern California. He knows how to ride the ebbs and flows.

AJ Moyer's cautious optimism is aligned with leading national economic indicators.  2021 Q1 National unemployment statistics are down and jobs are up; average hourly earnings are up; and real gross domestic product (GDP) has increased.  All indicators including consumption, investment and interest rates point to an ongoing recovering market and economy.  There is an absolute inverse correlation between diminishing COVID-19 statistics and the collective economic fortunes of all. 

"That's how we operate our business, with cautious optimism.  So, we are prepared for any type of scenario." -  AJ Moyer, CEO C3 Bank and global surfer

This Week on Getting Deals Done:

• How a 40 year old bank has come through the COVID 19 era to buoy local small businesses with $175M in PPP support and own nearly 10% of the market share competing with Fortune 500 banks
• How small business banks are arteries of the capital markets 
• Helmed by a team of seasoned entrepreneurs with nearly 200 years of relevant entrepreneurial and C level executive experience, C3 Bank enjoys the benefit of specialized entrepreneurial knowledge and a niche serving North San Diego small businesses after the Great Recession and international pandemic, growing market share and developing community from a distinct business IQ
• The importance of developing a strategic mastermind with your small business banker as with your corporate securities attorney and accountant to ensure survival and business accelerations for the astute small business owner
• An astute California market and post COVID 19 market analysis with boots on the ground of C3 Bank and insights by CEO AJ Moyer

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