Getting Deals Done with Patrick A. Howell

003: DISCIPLINE - Ana Guerrero, Los Angeles Mayor's Chief of Staff & The Purpose of Power

May 19, 2021 Victory & Noble Season 1 Episode 3
Getting Deals Done with Patrick A. Howell
003: DISCIPLINE - Ana Guerrero, Los Angeles Mayor's Chief of Staff & The Purpose of Power
Show Notes

Ana Guerrero, Chief of Staff to the City of Los Angeles, America’s second largest city and California’s largest city talks candidly about the mechanizations of power and how purpose, influence and knowing who you are can put you smack dab in a privileged position to make an impact in your community and the world.  As Chief of Staff for Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, she is vaccinating a city, building parks, marshalling historic protests into groundbreaking legislation, sheltering and feeding the poor, finding and jobs for the youth. She speaks about her humble beginnings as the child of migrant workers and Getting Deals Done explores how her Dreamer parents made their dream a reality in the City of Angels. Ultimately, we discover power is not about the 48 Laws of Power or even Machiavellian pursuits, but the opportunity to help others. Oh, and she and host Patrick trade tips on cigars and that sweet puissant scent of success.   

“I’ve always been very interested, as an adult, in making sure that I am doing work that is helping all kinds of people to find their voice, and find their power. Because that is what allows you to thrive. Knowing what your personal source of power is and how to wheel power in a way that allows you to advance your agenda, and achieve your goals.” - Ana Guerrero

This Week on Getting Deals Done:
• How authenticity, serving the community and power of the people can evolve a station of poverty into the halls of power, prestige and privilege
• How serving others, working hard and looking out for your community are the ultimate acts of power; the reality of power versus urban myths 
• How her untraditional path to power as a Latina, night school graduate, civil rights advocate, teenage mother,  woman and community advocate have served a community with an unconventional rise to power
• She discusses her brand of leadership, and for the first time in city history, a majority (54%) of the more than 300 commissioners appointed by the Mayor to help run the city are women

Next show: AJ Moyer, CEO of C3 Bank, one of America’s fastest growing small business banks, helmed by a team of seasoned entrepreneurs with nearly 200 years of relevant experience. The show features an astute California market and post COVID 19 market analysis. - May 31st (Memorial Day)

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