Getting Deals Done with Patrick A. Howell

002: BLACK WALL STREET - Clifton Taulbert, The Commodity of Personal Resolve & A Legacy of Resilience

May 03, 2021 Victory & Noble Season 1 Episode 2
Getting Deals Done with Patrick A. Howell
002: BLACK WALL STREET - Clifton Taulbert, The Commodity of Personal Resolve & A Legacy of Resilience
Show Notes

Clifton L. Taulbert is an American businessman, entrepreneur and noted author (Pulitzer prize nominated as well as a film adaptation from his seminal work “Once Upon a Time When We Were Colored”). Mr. Taulbert was born on the Mississippi Delta during segregation, taking life lessons from the rural Southern community that would instruct his follow up book, “Eight Habits of the Heart: Embracing the Values that Build Strong Communities''. Mr. Taulbert, an internationally renowned speaker on these values, is now a highly sought after global business and community leader in Tulsa Oklahoma; a powerful symbol of the historic Black Wall Street - an epicenter of black wealth in the 1920s where Black Wall Street’s Greenwood Avenue featured luxury shops, restaurants, movie theaters, a library, and pool halls, before the terrorist attack of the Tulsa Race Massacre exactly 100 years ago. Black Wall Street’s and Clifton Taulbert’s mastery of resilience and perseverance are skill sets that every entrepreneur impresario must master en route to sweet success.

Today, he is the President/CEO of the Freemount Corporation (a human capital development company) serving clients nationally and internationally, and President/CEO of Roots Java Coffee, a national coffee brand, importing coffee from Africa.

“Being a good person is the best gift you can give your children, your cousins and your Aunt Minnie that you only see once a year.  Being principled, really speaks to your better self.” - Clifton L. Taulbert 

This Week on Getting Deals Done: 
•  The Importance of an Entrepreneur's Resolve and How It Moves Mountains 
•  How Obstacles are the Starting Point of the Entrepreneur’s Journey to Success
•  Why Personal Value Systems are an Extension of Business Practices
•  Community Values are the Toolbox that Create Successful Entrepreneurs 
•  How Leadership Values Imbue an Organization with Longevity and Prosperity 

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Guest:  Clifton L. Taulbert 
Producer:  Victory & Noble 
Creator and Host:  Patrick A. Howell 
Executive Producer and Narrator:  Tori Reid 
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Special homage was paid to Hal Singer (Oct 8, 1919 - Aug 18, 2020) jazz saxophonist and the last male survivor of the Tulsa Race Massacre. 
Songs Excerpted:  
Blue Stompin’ by Hal Singer 
Autumn Leaves by Hal Singer Quintet 

Resources Mentioned:

Eight Habits of Our Heart
Entrepreneurial Thinking and Your Resolve

Connect with Clifton L. Taulbert:
Clifton L. Taulbert on LinkedIN


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