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021: EXCELLENCE - Ruth Carter, 2X Academy Award Winner

March 29, 2023 Ruth Carter Season 3 Episode 21
Getting Deals Done with Patrick A. Howell
021: EXCELLENCE - Ruth Carter, 2X Academy Award Winner
Show Notes

It is said that excellence is a habit rather than a destination.  Also, that you are what you do consistently.   If that is true, then Ruth Carter who just won her second academy award for Best Costume Design for the film "Wakanda, Forever", is the epitome of excellence.  She won the first award in 2018 with Wakanda's predecessor, "Black Panther".  She was also nominated for Spike Lee's Malcolm X in 1993 and Steven Speilberg's "Amistad" in 1998.   To hear Ruth tell it, however?   She is as humble, passionate and focused as an intern looking for her big break.   Sure, she's comfortable.   But she's leaning in and her focus is poignant.    And perhaps, that's where her true magic lays - her consistency and effervescence.    Ruth Carter is the first black woman in American history to win the Oscar on her sartorial splendor, the basis of technically astute work, timeless art and the storytelling legacy of her ancestors.    Yes, she looks at costume design as storytelling and takes her griot cues from sheroes including Nikki Giovanni, Lorraine Hansberry and Sonia Sanchez.

"My favorite part about costume designing is the artistry of the job...
I begin with understanding the intentions of the story."
Ruth Carter

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More Information on Ruth Carter:

The Art of Ruth E. Carter: Costuming Black History and the Afrofuture, from Do the Right Thing to Black Panther

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