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018: SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY - Derek Lewis (Part II), Corporate Titan of Community

December 02, 2022 Derek Lewis Season 2 Episode 18
Getting Deals Done with Patrick A. Howell
018: SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY - Derek Lewis (Part II), Corporate Titan of Community
Show Notes

"Social Responsibility" is all but a catch phrase in American corporate lingo.  In this Part II episode, PepsiCo's Derek Lewis, President of Multicultural Business and Equity Development for PepsiCo Beverages North America, provides insight into a first-rate business IQ, and spells out how profit-driven corporations will not propel transformational change with money alone.  He uniquely understands that it will take not only billions in financial commitment from corporations, but an attendant will power for sustained change from within the system.  He explains how diversity and inclusion fundamentally impact the Fortune 500 bottom line and P&L. 

Derek Lewis recently retired as the President of PepsiCo's Multicultural Business and Equity Development after a total of nearly 35 years with PepsiCo Beverages.  During his career at PepsiCo, he strived to live by what he calls "the 3 Rs": Results - delivering solid and consistent performance the right way matters; Relationships - personal, professional, and spiritual; nurture these relationships and always be a great teammate. Reputation - be mindful of your actions. To live purposefully to create a positive legacy that generations will remember.  He is the embodiment of this integrity.  He understands how these strategies deployed with authenticity and boldness determine the future of community, but the bottom line of business.  Bottom line?  Do business the right way, now.  Derek Lewis is a corporate titan of Community.

"As I close one chapter, a new one opens. There is still work to do. And I'm not done. I will always be committed to making a difference." - Derek Lewis


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