Getting Deals Done with Patrick A. Howell

016: PIONEER - Solomon Tedla, Abramba Technologies in Ethiopia

November 22, 2022 Solomon Tedla Season 2 Episode 16
Getting Deals Done with Patrick A. Howell
016: PIONEER - Solomon Tedla, Abramba Technologies in Ethiopia
Show Notes

Solomon Tedla is an impact investor, entrepreneur and pioneer working to help end energy poverty in Africa.  Africa is the new emerging market of the world. Over a decade ago, it was BRIC - Brazil, Russia, India and China.  With many of those powers more mature, they are now global leaders in business and leadership and Africa has become the land of exponential opportunity.  Africa will provide the astute investor with more bang for the buck.  Solomon Tedla is a tenured executive with leading technologies in Southern California, often times known as the second Silicon Valley because of the rich pool of cloud based, mother boards and smart chips.

Solomon leads an energy products manufacturing startup in Bahir Dar, Ethiopia, initially making solar and efficient lighting products primarily for the off-grid market.  A dynamic leader with broad and deep experience in diverse industries and roles, strategically minded with operational savvy, passionate about performance excellence with focused attention on financial management founded on solid “big four” experience.  Result driven, collaborative with strong business acumen and ability to interface at all levels including the boardroom. 

In this episode of Getting Deals Done, host Patrick A. Howell speaks with an old family friend about his vision and exceptional work on the continent where he was born and how vision, ambition and patience are married with hard work, pragmatism to create a new pioneering age for Ethiopia and the world. 


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