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015: LEADERSHIP - Darrell K. Williams, The Business of Leadership and Education

October 07, 2022 Darrell K. Williams Season 2 Episode 15
Getting Deals Done with Patrick A. Howell
015: LEADERSHIP - Darrell K. Williams, The Business of Leadership and Education
Show Notes

Darrell K. Williams is a retired three-star general who is now the President of his alma mater Hampton University.  He is also a former Vice President and Managing Director of Leidos, a Fortune 250 technology company where he provided global logistical support to U.K. military forces. Williams is a tried-and-true leader whose greatest assignment as a leader, commander and director may very well be in front of him with the Hampton, one of the world's top historically Black colleges and universities (HBCUs) and a beloved institution.   
In this special episode of Getting Deals Done (GDD), our executive producer Tori Reid takes the opportunity to speak with new President Darrell K. Williams at their alma mater Hampton University about the business of leadership and education. (Tori also enjoyed a historic conversation with President Williams' predecessor Dr.  William Harvey on her society and culture show, and GDD's sister show, Here's to Life.)

In Part 1 of this insightful and timely interview, Williams talks about his inspirational journey from student cadet to three-star general to President of his beloved alma mater, his unique and successful brand of leadership, his vision for Hampton University and how "a standard of excellence" has not only created one of the best mid-sized universities in the United States but a piston in global engines for leaders of character.

"The next thing in terms of legacy that I hope you are feeling is this idea of Hampton being the standard of excellence which we have been. That model has served Hampton (University) extraordinarily well since 1868.”   Darrell K. Williams, President of Hampton University


Guest:  Darrell K. Williams 
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