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014: VISION - Aaron Chang, Social Entrepreneur

September 19, 2022 Aaron Chang Season 2 Episode 14
Getting Deals Done with Patrick A. Howell
014: VISION - Aaron Chang, Social Entrepreneur
Show Notes

Aaron Chang is a visionary photographer and fine artist. His photography and fine art has generated tens of millions in revenues working with premiere national brands as Apple, Google, Mercedes Benz, ViaSat Satellites and any number of hospitals. As a true visionary, Aaron is able to see into the higher realms of human potential and possibility. As a business man, he walks the fine and often challenging line between the inspired world – intuition, reflection, the Divine-inspired – and the material world of action, effects, systems, powerful special interests, ego, status quo, and tangible results

Aaron Chang is also, in many ways and unconventionally, a social entrepreneur. "Social Entrepreneurism" has been a catchphrase for the past decade or so.  But what does it mean? Sure, giving with a servant heart attitude. But it's a form of capitalism, where profit is surely a focus but is not the bottom line.  It is where everyone benefits from the vision of a visionary. Some folks are so poor all they have is money. 

Aaron Chang does not allow himself to be hypnotized by the limiting mindset or the mass hallucination of what's popular or "normal". Instead, he is interested in pulling people up with his photography and art. His business and galleries invigorate and stir a greater possibility within his art customers as well as the aficionado's heart. 

“..We live crazy maniacally busy lives in realms that don’t even exist, you know virtual realms most of the time. And we often miss the really simple things all around us all the time that are God's beautiful creations and moments of absolute splendor; and so what I love to do most is to take the opportunity to see those things, photograph them well, and present them to people- things that are often right under your nose.”  Aaron Chang
This episode of "Getting Deals Done" (GDD) represents the re-launch as GDD 2.0 where values and principles are the bedrock of personal and business successes such as Aaron Chang's incredible vision and heart of service. Both principles or qualities permeate not only his artwork but the art of his business where millions in revenues are secondary to reflecting an incredible vision and humanity from which Aaron has built a global business and brand. 

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