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09.5: MAVERICK - Tim Reid (Part II) - History Maker and System Builder

February 13, 2022 Tim Reid Season 3 Episode 21
Getting Deals Done with Patrick A. Howell
09.5: MAVERICK - Tim Reid (Part II) - History Maker and System Builder
Show Notes

This Black History Month and on Super Bowl LVII, we celebrate a champion and pioneer in the truest sense of the words.

Since 1974, Tim Reid has both starred and guest starred as a venerable who's who of the small screen. From The Richard Pryor Show to WKRP in Cincinnati to Simon and Simon and Snoops or That 70s Show, he has acted, produced, directed, and created himself into a cult classic iconoclast over several of the golden ages of television.

Every icon has a creative expression or project which demonstrates their virtuosity as well as core essence as an actor. For Tim Reid that show was the Emmy-nominated Frank's Place on CBS. New Millennium Studios was a direct outgrowth of Frank’s Place being cancelled by short-sighted studios, where he became 2nd to Oscar Micheaux to have a Black-owned full service movie studio. Outside of his own, dozens of films shot there, including Steven Spielberg’s “Lincoln”.

As we learn in this episode, anger and depression catalyzed a studio that a young Tyler Perry visited prior to his own epic and historic achievement. We talk about that and the reality of making it in, and outside of Hollywood.

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